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Summer Training/Internship: Objective of Job Evolution

Training/Internship is a systematic process and an essential factor in the development of the practical and professional skills which helps in transformation of the individual to a core professional. It refers possession of knowledge, skills, and competencies gained by the teaching of occupational or practical skills. Basically it refers to work experience that is relevant for achieving the professional skills prior to any technical degree.

“Training is useless unless you have a purpose, it  knows for what purpose to train for that can break men’s  fulfillment.”

We know what experience is? It means personal knowledge derived from participation or observation in real scenarios. That’s why training is essential for anyone who wants to improve their existing skills, work habits, and personalities and through rigorous practice and critical scholarship; an individual is prepared to be leaders in his or her professions and society. Training involves useful work related to candidate’s field of study and supports his or her professional goals by which an individual gain experience and gets reflected in his or her work.

A newly hired individual is the navy one; he/she is not familiar with the practice, procedure and pattern followed by the company. With the help of training they learn how to work in the industry. It is for improving the capability, capacity, and performance of individuals to give their best in actual working condition. Now a day’s companies have recognized the potential of a Trained Professional. Rather than hiring student as trainees, they are now hiring trained and knowledgeable professionals. Companies have learnt one thing from the Recession is that it is better to hire a knowledgeable professionals rather than opting for a presentable professional.

Most of the summer training/ internship program consist of building sessions, personality development exercises and provide an actual working environment to work on industrial projects. These programs involve experimental forms of human interaction, conflict resolution and goal setting. Working on live environment project can make huge difference in any individual’s profile and career prospect. It facilitates the individuals to work on live projects under the guidance of industry experts and brings them directly in touch with working professional. Such an environment allows individual to come across the significant challenges and risk imposed and increase sense of responsibility in individuals and finally in-depth knowledge of the formal functional activities of a participating organization.

An individual joins an internship or training program to explore different career fields specially because at that time he or she is not sure about what he or she  want to do after graduation. Internships offer experience and a way to see what it’s actually like working in the field or industry. After the completion of internship, an individual has the experience to see if a particular industry or career is the right choice for him/her or not. Experience gained in internship prepares the individual  for future jobs. An individual can enhance his/her resume and fill it with gained experience and career skills that will differentiate him from the hundreds of others going for the same job.

Whatever program candidate has chosen he will surely be benefited from this. Candidate  has to do just one thing, he should evaluate the component of each program and should pick up that which is best suited for him or her and meets his criteria.