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Candidate Marketing: Online Recruitment and Consulting Companies

Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers, with appropriate qualifications, and then encouraging them to apply for jobs with an organization. These individuals are shortlisted by advertising the jobs in newspapers, recruiting websites and ads. They qualify for the job by screening and assessing and then recruited for the job. So in this way Recruitment is simply a sales function where actually candidate marketing happens.

We know that there are millions of candidates online, reviewing hundreds of thousands of job openings listed at thousands of career sites on the Web and the search for new employees is a familiar task for most employers because of several reasons like employees retire, move, quit, are transferred, or are fired. Regardless of the situation, the end result is the same- There is a job opening to fill.

To fill a job position there are some steps that should be either taken by various people in HR or these functions are performed by some third party service provider. This is the outsourcing of the Recruitment process and generally referred as Recruitment Process Outsourcing or Employment Process Outsourcing. In the current day business environment, saving of time and money is the main objective of every business houses. The term consultancy is the concept for carrying on recruitment process in the present day business world. Procedures of recruitment, takes a lot of time and at the same time it becomes expensive too. Now this is the place where online recruitment and consulting companies comes into the action.

The role of a recruitment consultant is very sales orientated, although it also involves helping individuals and organizations. Consultant is a term that has coined for third party service provider who matches a job vacancy with the right candidate as per the requirements of the company. Consulting companies has given a new hope to both recruiters as well as job seekers. They play a significant role in bridging the gap about expectations from both the ends that is candidate’s expectation from company and vice versa. The services offered by the recruitment consultants are designed to meet the expectations and requirements of the company by providing them an eligible candidate. They stay with the job seekers at each step of their job searching and they stay employers to facilitate a successful match for the job opening.

Recruitment process will be more efficient with specialist help. Role of Consultant is demanding and diverse they have to determine what the job entails. Which tasks this hired candidate will perform? What are necessary skills and education required for the position?  And next, they have to decide which recruitment strategy to opt, which would be most effective to find qualified candidates. This investigation helps consultants to develop a more precise idea of what the companies are looking for in a new employee. Now next step is to find out the suitable candidates. Consultants generally maintain a database of job seekers looking for employment and scan through it to search for the right candidate.

At last the Recruitment firms have to be dedicated and eager to succeed with consistently maintaining a positive vision. It is a sales role which is usually targeted driven involving selling the services of the agency to the client and then selling vacancies to the job seekers. Consulting companies have to make a history of putting the skills for coordinating and managing the candidate for a job opening and assist the employers to select a suitable candidate for their business.