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Role of Recruitment Consultancies for Job Search

Getting the right start in a career is not as easy as it seems while you are in the college. You have to look for the interest area, what suits your expertise, which company to choose and which profile will add to your experience. Any new employee can be successful in their new job only if they join the organization with correct expectation of their responsibilities, role and future prospects. There are many ways to search the best job at the start of the career, such as one can go through newspaper and magazines to search the employment options. This method of job search, no doubt, offers different options to the job seekers, but there is no one to guide them where to go, how to apply, how to prepare for the interview etc. For the complete job search solution, Recruitment Agencies are the best, as they stay with the job seekers at each step of their job searching.

Recruitment Consultants play a very important role in bridging the gap about expectations from both the ends that is candidate’s expectation from company and vice versa. They prepare the job seekers for confidently facing the interview. They make the candidates aware of the frequently asked questions and rehearse them in answering these questions frequently and confidently.

The existence of a placement consultant in the recruitment industry has given a new hope to both recruiters as well as job seekers. Consultant is a term that has coined for the middleman who matches a job vacancy with the right candidate as per the requirements of the company. The services offered by the recruitment consultants are designed to meet the expectations and requirements of the company by providing them an eligible candidate. They keep a tab on new opening in different fields and accordingly offer the best possible opportunities to the job seekers.

Recruitment Consultant is the intermediary between companies seeking to recruit professional staff (The client) and professional staff (The candidate) seeking a career move or contract assignment.

However this process has endless variations and complications depending on such factors as the skills and experience required, the environment and career development offered. It is the executive recruitment consultant’s job to facilitate this exercise for both the employer and the job seeker and to satisfy both.Candidates depend on Recruitment Consultants to get advice on salary packages, prospective employer, the role offered etc. Organizations also take advice from consultants because sometimes they are unsure about people they have interviewed, want opinion from another person. A neutral opinion from a trusted person matters a lot in such cases for job seekers as well as the companies.

Saving time for both parties, the Recruitment Consultants do the initial work for employers by conducting interviews to determine whether or not the job seekers will be eligible for the vacancies. During this process, the agencies also extend a helping hand to job seekers and inform them about what kind of job might best correspond to their skills and professional experience. Going one step ahead, now quite a large number of online recruitment companies have been offering their services to make job hunting process easier. For different reasons employers utilize the services of recruitment consultancies instead of undertaking the hiring procedure on their own.

It is always in interest of job seekers to speak with the recruitment consultant before applying for a job. Job seekers can get to know the prospective employer even before applying for it. Consultantscan answer questions about things that are usually not mentioned on the company’s website. Job seeking IT professionals, especially who have some experience sometimes apply for similar jobs in multiple companies to compare the fitment in terms of role/work culture/salary and their growth path. They can get all information through consultants without applying anywhere.

Companies depend on the consultants to share their post interview feedback to the candidates, such as negative feedback, hiring plans getting delayed, salary negotiation with selected candidates and reference checks. Companies also depend to recruiters to source information on industry trends in hiring, expected salaries by different roles etc. It is very important for recruitment consultants to be effective in this role of a trusted advisor. This is the only way you can build to term relationships with your customers which in this case are both job seekers as well as the organizations.