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Service Offerings

VibrantWorx has been into system design, testing and implementation of projects since last three years. We have been operating from Noida (delivery location) and have sales offices in Bangalore and Mumbai as both are strategic locations for our business. All major banks have a presence in Mumbai and we would like to associate and serve these banks more closely.

We have acquired the best Calypso resources and they work for the organization and get deployed at the client place as Calypso consultants or address the clients issue remotely from India over VPN or Citrix connection.

We provide both technical and business analyst resource onsite or manage their issues remotely from India. We at VibrantWorx have decades of cumulative experience in IT and Calypso consulting. We have developed strong competency in the following areas:
1. Performance Enhancement.
2. Quicker Reports development.
3. Fixing bugs and remotely monitoring the health of the system.
4. Interfacing with third party system.
5. Connectivity of Calypso with third party Enterprise bus.
6. Innovative products around Calypso system.
7. Grid Setup for CWS and risk analysis.
8. Good hold on Position management with liquidation engine and position engine
9. Custom Engine Creation.
10. Customization of calypso either by configuration or by changing writing calypsox packages.
11. Creating custom analysis.

Innovative Solutions on top of calypso and other systems:
Here at VibrantWorx we constantly work in making calypso more user friendly and easy to migrate to new versions of calypso. We constantly innovate ourselves to have an edge over other market competitors. We provide these services to fetch long term contract/relationship and also make the migration a richer experience.

Our unique service model that helps our customers a lot as their efforts are not consultant dependent and more driven by our solution-service model that we have adopted at the core of our organization.



Our solution is always based on the experience that we have gathered from the market once we identify a problem with one of the client, we engage with them and follow the lifecycle of our development then we generate an industry based solution which could be fitted across all the customers of that domain. Under this engagement plan we encourage our client to walk with us and create a solution that solves their problem.

Under this engagement plan we have developed lot of solutions that could simplify the development and integration efforts of the customer. To name a few we have done the following solutions that can readily help customers in meeting their key deadline for the projects:

a. Creation of simplified Reports: Calypso reporting framework has been bit complex and there are number of components that need to be created before we start seeing the reports. We have simplified this approach which for most practical usage will enable the calypso developer to quickly assemble the components and create a solution based on that. This solution is based on Java ANNOTATIONS and apache BeanUtils.

c. Calypso ESB Integration: We understand well that calypso is just one of the systems in the system topology and the business needs to integrate that with the existing ESB providers’ deployments. However, there are few drawback and setback the customer faces while achieving this target. Calypso here works with philosophy of keeping the message [size] as minimum as possible, which means Calypso does not pass domain objects over the network [exception to this rule is dispatcher and calculators]. So we have created a software component that sits in between calypso and our custom engine that routes the information to proper ESB location. Here we have leveraged APACHE-CAMEL for our message routing rules.

d. Calypso Reports Comparison: There is a complex and time consuming scenario where the business (customer) has to spend huge time in fetching reports between two dates and generate management reports; In doing this Calypso doesn’t provide any support [Except CAPL where diff of pricing on 2 dates are compared]. For Example client would like to see the comparison of balance report of 2 specific dates and for specific account names. This looks like a very small issue that should be an out of box feature in Calypso. However, Calypso provides these numbers correctly but we need to run the balance report for 2 dates followed by migrating this to excel and then generate report. To address this problem efficiently, we have developed Pentaho plug-in that does these types of data fetching and presents in the required reporting format.

e. Repeatable Scheduled Task or Schedule Tasks: Calypso doesn’t provide repeatable scheduled tasks by default. We provide this feature by which clients can perform repeatable scheduled task with a specified frequency. These scheduled tasks can executed via Calypso engine and could be stopped and started when ever needed. Note that if you stop the engine it would complete the whole schedule task or scheduled tasks chain and then it would stop.

We also provide other innovative solutions that are used for upgrade projects and enhancing existing calypso installation, so please fetch an appointment and book our dates or have a word with us.

We are solution company and differentiate with other service companies by our solution and innovation. We follow agile development methodology which helps customer in steady and consistent project progress. We also provide other consultancy on upgrading and enhancing existing Calypso installation, Business Intelligence, Concurrency / Multithreaded Exchange Connectivity, Enterprise Integration and Testing solutions.

We also provide in depth understanding and consultancy on various asset classes namely:

a. Exchange Trade Underlying
   1. Equity.
2. Bond.
3. FX
b. Future / Forwards
1. Equity Future.
2. Index Future.
3. commodity future.
4. FX Forward
5. FX Option Forward

c. Option
1. FXoption.
2. Equity/Index option.
3. commodity option.

d. Interest Rate
1. IR swap