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Opportunity ATS: Next Generation Recruitment Tool

Employers are you spending too much time thinking about recruitment? If Yes, then you should explore Opportunity ATS. Most major employers use Opportunity Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to collect, gather, and evaluate job-candidate data. We understand that recruitment is like none other. Since our inception, we are working with small, medium and very large organizations. With our extensive experience market exposure and research, we know what recruitment services in India. With the help of Opportunity ATS, we empower the front line users so that they have better profiles and quicker closures.

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Major Benefits of Opportunity ATS:

Enhance Visibility And Extend Your Reach

Easy way to share your job openings with the world! Publish your job openings to increase exposure and start sourcing top talents.

Ease The Workload Of Recruiters

Opportunity ATS features helping you identify qualified applicants, automate the recruitment process, and reduce time-to-hire. Highly advanced elements like online job posting, resume screening, and interview scheduling help relieve much of the manual work associated with finding candidates.

Improve Overall Quality Of Hire

Our Opportunity ATS allows recruiters to prescreening and pre-identification of candidates. At the time of sign-up, candidates fill all the details including qualification. So, it helps in recognizing and selecting the ideal candidate. And, further it reduces time-to-hire and can keep high-quality applicants more engaged and less prone to removing themselves from the recruitment mix.

Cost Effective

Our Opportunity ATS is free of cost. Thus recruiters you can save your time and cost related to recruitment process.


Opportunity ATS is highly useful tools for any company or consultancy. If you aren’t utilizing your ATS to the best of its ability, you could be creating extra work for yourself. So take the benefits of this at its fullest without spending a single cost. Our Opportunity ATS is free of cost for any organization or consultancy.